1️⃣ – Gold Has A Long History Of Storing Value

None of the currencies around the world are backed by gold today. What this means for you is that the currency you have in your pocket it's not worth as much as it was last year. This means your spending power is decreasing.

2️⃣ – Gold Is A Great Hedge During Inflationary Periods.

When the cost of goods goes up. Gold tends to go up as well.

3️⃣ – Gold Jewelry Demand Is Increasing In China And India

This has a big influence on the gold price. This is what we call the love trade. This is the time of gift-giving jewelry in China and India.

4️⃣ – World Gold Supply Is Shrinking

There are fewer locations for gold mines being discovered today. This along with exploration costs are being cut and mining operations budgets are increasing. The easy gold has already been dug up. The miners have to struggle harder to get the remaining gold in the ground.

5️⃣ – Global Government Debt Is Skyrocketing

Investing in gold will offer protection for the next upcoming financial crisis. Government debt around the world is at an all-time high right now. Savvy investors include gold as a part of their Investment Portfolio.

6️⃣ – Central Banks Are Adding To Their Bullion Reserves

Even the central banks are storing up gold for their protection. Since 2010 central banks have been net buyers of gold To the tune of 333 tonnes in the first half of 2021 according to the World Gold Council.

7️⃣ – Gold Is Inversely Correlated To The US Dollar

Since gold is priced in the US dollar. When the dollar decrease the price of gold increases.

8️⃣– Negative Real Rates

When you subtract the current consumer price index (CPI) from the nominal rate it can turn negative. When this happens gold can appreciate.

9️⃣ – Bullion Is Seen As A Safe Haven During Political Instability

Most people will turn to gold when there is rising world tension. Gold is sometimes called a crisis commodity. Because of the times like this gold prices tend to go up.

🔟 – Gold Is One Of The Best Portfolio Diversifiers

This is due to gold's liquidity. Investors can buy or sell it in a pinch.

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