Lamar here!

This enemy picks a fight with every single one of us.

This enemy has the strength to stop 80% of us dead in our tracks.

Do you want to know what it is?

Meet your nemesis, PROCRASTINATION.

I really do understand! I have my moments too.

And from time to time I’m still confronted by this enemy.

Not only procrastination but…

Specifically procrastination with affiliate marketing?

I want you to be honest with me. Are you a procrastinator? Reply to this email and be honest let me know.

Procrastination is the number one thing that stops the greatest number of people from achieving their goals.

If this is you or you’re not sure read on.

First and foremost procrastination is such a big word, and it’s sometimes even hard to say. They should have just called it putting off s*** for another day.

Am I right?

Okay, let’s do this.

Let’s start out by saying. How do we get rid of procrastinating? How do we stop procrastinating?

Do you want to know the 7 steps on how to defeat procrastination?

Step 1: Fighting Procrastination — Taking Small Steps

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re getting started with affiliate marketing.

Taking everything in. You’re watching videos on YouTube, catching a Facebook live here and there, and registering for the latest webinar.

Learning fast as humanly possible.

Then next you become overwhelmed. This causes you to stop taking action.

You freeze just like a deer in front of headlights.

You’re confused and throw your hands up.


When this happens… and I hope it doesn’t.

The first thing you need to do to get out of this state. (overwhelm).

You need to start doing micro-commitments. Make sure that each of these micro-commitments is easy for you to do.

When you start to do this. You’ll start developing the mindset of finishing tasks.

This one step goes a long way. This is one of the building blocks for setting goals and achieving them.

Let me give you an example from a marker’s viewpoint.

When you produce content. Leverage that content to different platforms. The primary benefit of this strategy is that you don’t have to think of new content for all your different platforms. This is going to allow your content to get to all your different platforms in saving you a lot of time and frustration.

For example, when you’re writing an email you can repurpose that same content on Facebook. If you have a YouTube channel you can take that email content and turn it into a video.

Let say you’re a blogger and you have a website. You can take that email content and create a blog post from it.

When you repurpose content like this it’s going to save you a lot of time and help to really simplify your business.

The one thing you have to remember as you’re taking these micro-commitments.

Go Here And Start Taking Small Steps Towards Your Freedom.

Remember, a little can go a long way.

Step 2: Fighting Procrastination — Focus While Doing A Task

Don’t you hate it when you come to the end of the day and you got nothing done?

You feel like you’re getting pulled in all different directions…

This means you need to create a focus time for yourself. Find a block of time during the day that is solely for you. This is where you’re going to do your deep focus.

You know we all have hectic lives. Mom’s you got a take the kiddos around to their events. We have to get up early in the morning and go to work.

One thing we have in common. We all have the same amount of time, 24 hours.

To get this focus time that you need. Let your friends and significant other know how much time you need.

Remember this time is for you. You want to make the most of it.

Focus is so crucial for your success in anything you do.

If you’re like most of us we’re all week when it comes to focusing. That’s why you’re going to need help.

Can I tell you one thing that saved my life when it came to focusing stronger?

I use this tool every day to help me. It’s been so essential to my focusing I named him Freddie.

Since Freddy came along now I’m able to focus and get even more tasks done during my day.

I’m sure Freddie can help you too.

One of the best ways to help you with your focus is a technique called Pomodoro. This is a technique that is designed for you to focus during a short amount of time and get a lot more done.

The way the Pomodoro Technique works you need to get a Promodoro timer. There are tons of free ones that you can get as a Chrome extension or a phone app.

These timers are set up so that you do a task in focused blocks. You focus for 25 minutes. Then you will take a five-minute break. This process is then repeated three more times. You focus for 25 minutes then take a five-minute break. On the 4th focus cycle. You will focus the 25 minutes then take a 15-minute break.

Don’t worry about setting everything up. The Pomodoro timer is set up for you. You can customize the Pomodoro Timer by setting the length of the focus time and also the length of the break. Find out what works for you.

In this video, I show you how to use the exact Pomodoro Timer (Freddie) that I use.

The biggest enemy of procrastination is FOCUS. The more you focus the less you will procrastinate.

Attend This Webinar And Learn How To Become Successful During Your Focus Block.

Now at the end of your day. Your list is all checked off and complete.

Step 3: Fighting Procrastination — Realize When You Are Procrastinating

I’ve got all day…

I’ll save that till later…

I don’t need to do that today. There’s always tomorrow.

I’ll do it right after I’m done watching another episode of Game of Thrones. ( substitute your favorite TV show here )

Well, I can’t get started with anything now. The day is nearly over. There’s always tomorrow.

Do you find that you’re telling yourself things every single day?

Do you know what’s going on here? Your worst enemy is rearing its ugly head once again.


Procrastination is one of the things that kills most people’s dreams. Another good name for procrastination would be dream killer.

This enemy is so sneaky and conniving. Heck, he’s nearby and you may not realize it.

Sometimes it’s right in front of you and you are still unaware.

Do you want to know the worst thing about this enemy?

Procrastination can be so sneaky and cunning. It doesn’t give you a chance to fight back.

So we need to come up with a battle plan.

The very first step in this plan is to make sure you are aware every time you procrastinate.

Whenever you do put it in a handy Journal. Don’t beat yourself up. Just keep track every time you become distracted.

You’re doing this because you need to know just how many times during the course of the day you become distracted and how much time this enemy is taking from you.

That’s all we’re going to do for right now.

Realize When You Are Procrastinating.

It’s important to become aware each time when you start procrastinating. This can happen to you multiple times a day. Once you start procrastinating it will lead to additional procrastination throughout your day.

When you come to the end of the day you realize you have done nothing.

Tomorrow you fall into the same trap. You start procrastinating and this has a snowball effect. You start procrastinating even more as your day goes on. You’re at the end of the day and realize once again that you got nothing done.

What we do, we fall into the habit of becoming comfortable with procrastinating. So much so that this becomes an addiction to procrastinating.

Do you get that?

When you start procrastinating you start becoming comfortable. Know that this starts your addiction with this habit and you get used to it. You actually start feeling good about procrastinating. Your mind. Tricks you into thinking that it’s a good thing and in reality, it’s not.

Did you ever notice that it’s really hard to stay consistent whenever you’re supposed to be doing a hard task?

But when something’s easy it’s effortless to keep doing it. Do you know why this is?

Your brain loves this.

This is why we always choose what’s easier for us instead of what is harder. Even if it is the right thing to do.

We even know what we have to do. The hard task is going to get the results in our business. But we always default back to what is easiest. This is because our brain always puts us on the easiest path. The most comfortable path there is.

It’s up to you to constantly fight this.

Register For This Webinar And Learn About One Of The Best Ways To Fight Procrastination.

It’s time for you to have a plan so that you start moving in a positive direction.

There’s nothing that’s going to stop you now.

Step 4: Fighting Procrastination — Plan Your Day

Don’t you hate when you come to the end of your day and you feel nothing ever gets done?

Or maybe more accurately the right things don’t seem to get done…

You’re probably already doing tasks for your business every day. Are these tasks planned out?

One of the first things you need to do when you get up. You need to know exactly what you were going to do. That’s right you need to plan each day. When you know exactly what to do this will keep you from procrastinating.

One thing you can do to help you with your planning is to get a whiteboard. I’ve got two of them in my office. These are a lifesaver.

One of the whiteboards I use to draw things out is because I’m a visual person. This helps me think through most of the processes or tasks I’m working on.

The second wave board is for keeping a list. Every night before I go to bed I write a list of exactly what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. When you do this it takes out the ambiguity throughout your day. As you’re working on a task make sure you know the next one that you will be doing. This is going to keep you in the flow and become more efficient when doing your task. You’re also going to be able to do more in less time.

Now let’s get into the planning.

You need to have STRUCTURE and a PLAN to get you through each day and also toward your long-term goals.

But first. We need to back up just a little bit. We need to get some of the small but very crucial things out of the way first with this one.

If you’re the type of person that always shows up late for any type of appointment or even just meets someone for a coffee. This habit will also carry over into your business and stop you from achieving any goals that you set.

You need to start showing up on time and being held accountable even with things going on in your life. This is what you want to carry over and instill into your business.

This is procrastination that you have to control. You’re allowing time to get away from you. If you are doing this, and I’m not saying you are. But if you are. Bring this one in first.

Now that’s off my chest. Let’s you and I start planning your way to success.

You need to decide on the amount of time each day you will be working on your business. Then create a structure that you will be following during this time. This is called a Daily Method of Operation. If you’re not sure about what a DMO is. Check out this video.

If you have a hard time being productive or may think you’re not as productive as you would like to be. This is for you.

It’s not about being busy. It’s being about productive. You have to organize your schedule for business to get the results you want.

You have to do this no matter what else you have going on in your life. If you’re a mother and have to pick up the kiddos or work to provide for your family by going to your job.

You have to set time aside and plan what you will be doing during this precious time.

The one thing all of us have in common. It’s that we all have 24 hours in a day. No more no less. 24-hours that’s it. It’s what we do with those 24 hours that matter.

If you want to reap the benefits of a six, seven, or eight-figure business. This is what you need to be doing right now. You need to block off the time that the man’s your ATTENTION.

If you’re married or have a significant other you need to focus your attention on that person and also your business. The only way you’re going to be able to do this is by planning focus time blocks for your business and your spouse or significant other.

Do you want to know a free tool that I used to help me with this? All of us have it and it’s available on a computer, tablet, and smartphone already.

Google Calendar.

If you have something else you like better, great use it. Start here and block out the time you’re going to spend on your business.

Learn how you can get started with a very lucrative business today.

Step 5: Fighting Procrastination — Holding Yourself Accountable

If you have an online business especially if you’re solely doing it by yourself. This can feel lonely and detached from the real world at times.

The most challenging part with this is keeping yourself motivated and driven to get your tasks done each day.

We don’t tend to push ourselves as hard when no one is looking over our shoulders.

That’s why it’s important to always have somebody else around like a coach, business owner, or even your significant other. They are constant reminders to help us focus and stay on task.

So let’s say there’s no one that you can reach out to for help. Well, I’m going to get to that a little bit later.

Okay, let’s you and I take some action to figure this out.

The only way I know how to get started is with a question.

The first question, which is a doozy by the way.

How do you hold yourself accountable?

When you find someone that will hold you accountable your demeanor will totally change. You’re going to push just a little bit more and make sure things get done.

When you hold yourself accountable you will find that you will start moving forward and seeing the results you’ve been looking for. Even if you’re tired and just feel like going to bed. You’ll be able to find ways to get things done.

Not so fast.

None of this will happen until you train yourself to complete a task no matter how big or small. The first thing you need to do is start getting in the habit of completing a task.

Now that’s way easier to say than actually get done.

I think we both know that. Let’s admit it. We both have been their plenty of times.

That’s why we’re going to start out small, ridiculously small.

The key is to find small tasks that you know you can complete. These could be anything from brushing your teeth to eating breakfast in the morning. The important thing here is to tell yourself you’re going to do these tasks and follow through.

Start with step one making a micro commitment task that you follow through with. This is the best way to create a habit of setting a task, or a goal if you will, and completing it.

Whenever you have a task make sure you put a time limit on it. Don’t just set the task and have no time limit. This is going to lead you back into procrastinating. You’re going to keep putting that task off for as long as you can.

The best way to hold yourself accountable if you’re working with your partner or someone else is to keep asking each other how things are going throughout your day. You’re not doing this to be mean of course. By doing this with each other it’s going to hold you both accountable.

So what do you do if you’re alone?

You want to find a running buddy. They don’t necessarily have to understand or be doing the same thing as you.

Here’s the idea. You set your own goals and your running buddy does the same thing. Then from time to time. You ask them hey what’s up? Did you finish your task?

Check out this video where I go into a lot more detail about the importance of having an accountability partner and how they benefit you.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

This is a really good structure to push you both along. you’re going to find that you will get a lot more done doing this.

Another thing that’s going to help with holding yourself accountable is journaling everything.

You’re going to journal The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

If you are the type of person that sits and watches YouTube videos all day long, and you know who you are. Journal the time that you spent doing this.

If you’re watching Tony Robbins, or Les Brown for 6 hours Journal it.

You need to know exactly how you are spending your time and where it’s going.

Does this sound familiar?

You get a Facebook post and you stop what you’re doing. Click on the post and start getting completely distracted and immersed into Facebook DURING YOUR POMODORO TIME, nonetheless.

Can you relate?

…and you didn’t get your test done for the day.

Oh, did you forget? Put that in your calendar. Remember the good, the bad, the ugly.

BTW, If you want to create a profitable online business simply by using small micro-tasks daily.go here to start today.

Step 6: Fighting Procrastination – Blocking Those Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and all around us. They come in all shapes and sizes and in every imaginable direction possible.

Let me introduce you to one of the biggest distractions.

The Internet.

This is probably at the top of most people’s list as being the biggest manufacturer of distractions. The internet has these amazing powers to deliver a pleura of distractions to us all day and all night.


Since this is the biggest distraction for most of us. I’m going to plan How to remove these distractions during your focused time.

Let’s start with Arch Enemy Number One.

And I think you know what this one is…

Your phone. That’s right, I said it. It’s your phone.

Let’s you and I go to work.

Starting with the lowest-hanging fruit (your phone). You’re going to get more bang for the buck by eliminating this distraction during your focus time.

This is your biggest culprit that is creating distractions for you. So that’s exactly why we’re going to start with this one.

The first thing you need to do is pick that phone up and remove it from your focus room or area. Carry it far, far, away so that you can not see or hear it. Now that you can’t hear or see it. This will eliminate an endless amount of distractions for you.

Doing this one step alone will keep you from scrolling social media posts during your focus time. remember those posts aren’t going anywhere, trust me.

You can go to step two to learn about your focus time.

Now that we have removed one of our biggest distractions. I’m here to tell you it’s not all work and no play.

Now with focus time behind us. It’s time to reward yourself for focusing. There is a reason for doing this, I will explain it later.

Just in the same way that we schedule our focus time we are going to schedule reward time.

What you want to do is schedule it by adding it to your calendar. This is the time where you will reward yourself. You will allow yourself to swipe your phone as much as you want.

The reason why you schedule your distraction is that your brain is going to go there during your focus times. This is exactly when you need to put up a strong fight.

What I found is that at the end of the focus time I schedule my distraction time. I go and find out what’s on YouTube, the news, Facebook, or Netflix.

Go nuts.

I look at this as a reward at the end of the day that I give myself for focusing on daily tasks that I have set for myself. Since I’ve been doing this my mind stays focused and I don’t get pulled toward these distractions during the day.

To make your Dreams and Visions become your own reality. Learn how to create your own 6 and even 7-figure business.

Step 7: Fighting Procrastination — Inspiration vs. Motivation

I’ve saved the best for last.

Which one do you feel will help you achieve your goals?

Is it motivation or is it inspiration?

Before reading on. Reply to this email and let me know what you think.

Do you think that motivation is going to help you to achieve your dreams and visions?

We always have this great feeling inside of us whenever we are watching a motivational video by Les Brown, a Facebook live perhaps where someone is talking about their vacation they just came back from., or even going to church on Sunday.

We feel like we’re on top of the world and we can conquer any challenge that we’re faced with. We’ve got this can-do attitude going.

And nothing, I mean nothing is going to stop us.

What about inspiration? I don’t know about you. But I love to watch comeback movies. If I had to pick my favorite type of movie it would be the comeback movies. You know the type of movie I’m talking about. It’s the story of the underdog.

This is a person that maybe be getting picked on by some bullies in school. Takes a few karate lessons only to teach these bullies a lesson by kicking some butt.

This could also be a person that goes from Rags to Riches. Somebody that is raised in a poor family and through meeting the right people is now part of Wall Street.

I just want to tell you this is one that I was stuck on for the longest time. Not understanding the difference was one of the main things that kept holding me back and this could be the same thing holding you back too.

We all think that motivation is one of the most important things for your success. Don’t get me wrong this is important. But this is what most gurus also want you to think. You’re playing right into their hand.

Motivation comes on strong but it dies off quickly.

You get that jolt of motivation when you attend that webinar, you go to Sunday mass, or you’re going through some training. You are highly motivated to have a change mindset during the experience. But once that experience has gone. So goes your motivation with it.

Motivation is short-lived.

Now comes the time to do your task. What happens?

Nada, crickets, absolutely nothing, okay maybe a little…

What’s Happening Here?

Well, the truth of the matter is it wasn’t enough to get you inspired.

This is the key.

You need to become inspired.

When you’re reading someone’s story about what inspired them. Start thinking about what inspires you? If you had this how would that make you feel? This is one of the ways that will help you start to become inspired.

When you find something, attach yourself to it. Start thinking about this with feelings and emotions. Don’t just look at this as a picture or words. You want to start feeling is if you have it end wow the emotions and feelings to come out during this process.

Do whatever you need to do to make this happen. Write it down. Get an image and put it on a vision board. Think about it in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

When you start doing this I guarantee you that the inspiration you receive will completely overpower any motivational video that you watch.

Inspiration will be the catalyst that will pull you through. When you are distracted and start procrastinating. Inspiration will pull you back in so that you are focused on things you desire and achieve your goals.

The thing that is going to pull you along is being inspired by other people. Especially The Underdogs. I love watching movies or reading books where the underdog succeeds. Like most of us, I can completely relate to these types of stories.

When you can read a story with somebody who comes from nothing and makes something out of nothing in their life. When this story starts pulling on your Heartstrings.

That’s when you know you’ve been inspired.

Remember that person that also created that story was inspired and not motivated. They were inspired to create their story.

Let me leave you with this.

Motivation is short-lived, inspiration can last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a plan that will guide and direct you.

Learn How To Realize Your Online Business To Build Your Dreams And Vision.

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