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What Is AWeber?

AWeber Explained

If you’re looking to build an online business, you’ll eventually have to start thinking about your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing can be an effective way to keep in touch with your customers and create new business opportunities, but it’s also difficult to get started without an email service provider (ESP).

If you’re looking for an ESP that will help you with all aspects of your email marketing efforts, AWeber should be at the top of your list! This article will give you the lowdown on AWeber and show you how it can help your business achieve its goals.

Why Use Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most underutilized strategies when it comes to small business marketing. More often than not, small businesses avoid email marketing because they aren’t sure how to go about it. Email, after all, requires some technical savvy and a reliable email service provider (ESP).

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools on hand that make it easier than ever to implement an effective email marketing strategy for your business. That’s where AWeber comes in!

The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Online marketing is an excellent way to attract potential customers and keep them up-to-date with your latest news. While many businesses spend a lot of time on social media, email remains one of the best ways to grow your business, as it can be sent directly to your customer’s inbox without any work on their part.

A reliable email marketing platform will allow you to quickly send out newsletters and updates. When used effectively, you should find that an increase in sales follows.

Writing Emails That Don’t Suck

If you want your business to grow, it’s essential that you use email marketing in an effective way. You might already be using it on a small scale, but it can do so much more for your business.

For example, did you know that AWeber can help you get more out of every dollar spent on email marketing?

With tools like easy list segmentation and automation tools, they’ll make sure your emails are getting delivered and read.

Why Should I be using AWeber over MailChimp?

If you’re using AWeber it’s because you want to send more emails with a higher delivery rate. When it comes to email marketing, that’s what matters. So when you ask yourself if you should be using AWeber or MailChimp, ask yourself if your business is generating leads effectively and turning those leads into customers.

If not, then start here with AWeber before moving over to MailChimp.

Should I Consider Using Other Email Marketing Software Instead of AWeber?

Probably not. While AWeber is in fact an email marketing software, there’s a good chance that you don’t need to use any other email marketing software (let alone pay for it) if you plan on doing absolutely no more than sending out one or two emails per month to let people know about new products and deals.

Creating Your AWeber Account

It's Easier Than You Think To Create Your AWeber Account

While you might think of email marketing as being a difficult thing to do, the truth is that it’s really easy to create your AWeber account and get started with effective email marketing strategies.

This guide will walk you through all the steps you need to take in order to get your account set up and learn more about what makes AWeber one of the best email marketing services on the market today.

Choosing An Email Service Provider

The first step to creating your own email marketing campaign is selecting an email service provider (ESP). Email marketing companies like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Infusionsoft offer a wide range of services; I would suggest choosing one that offers some level of automation and tracking.

Here are a few questions to ask before you choose an ESP:

🔹 What type of reports can it generate?

🔹 Does it let me create templates or design my own emails?

🔹 How do I track how effective my emails are?

How Many Subscribers Should I Have?

The number of subscribers you have is an important metric for gauging your email marketing performance. With that in mind, we recommend aiming for a subscriber count between 500 and 1,000, which will allow you to quickly scale your email marketing efforts.

How Do I Get Started?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get in touch with your customers, so it’s easy to see why many small businesses want to make email marketing a cornerstone of their strategy. Before you sign up for an email service provider, you’ll need an email list.

Get started today with your AWeber account.

  • Advanced AI language

  • Works for all types of content.

  • It is simple to generate winning copies.

  • Great tool for creating CTAs

Copywriting with predictable results

A Quick AWeber Overview

An AWeber Overview

AWeber is an email marketing platform used by businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world to reach their customers and grow their businesses. AWeber makes it easy to create attractive, effective emails that get delivered directly to your subscribers’ inboxes without being caught in spam filters or accidentally deleted.

AWeber’s comprehensive set of tools can also be used to create opt-in pages, run contests, and gather customer data for better marketing efforts in the future. In this video, we’ll give you an overview of AWeber to help you determine if this service would be right for your business needs today.

What Is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing tool that can help with almost any aspect of your digital marketing business. They are a reputable company with a lot of customers. This means they also have a lot of experience dealing with every possible problem you might have as an email marketer.

That’s one of their biggest selling points—they know their stuff, and if you need help or assistance, they’re there to help you. In short, they do everything: Create sign-up forms, build list segments, design emails, and track performance. And while all of these aspects are important (and we’ll go into more detail in future videos), it’s how simple it is to use them all together that really makes AWeber so great.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your project needs may be—AWeber makes it easy for everyone to get started with online marketing campaigns.

How Does it Work?

An email service provider (ESP) is a software or platform that allows users to send and receive emails from multiple devices and applications.

An ESP’s role is similar to that of an email account, with one major exception: ESPs help you automate many tasks so you can connect with customers in different ways. For example, if someone subscribes to your list through an opt-in form on your website, you want a way to thank them automatically via email. Automation rules allow you do exactly that.


🔹Great service for building newsletters

🔹 Easy-to-use interface

🔹Good for sending automated emails and broadcasting messages

🔹The free version is quite limited in its features, so we recommend upgrading to a paid plan.

🔹Feature: Reminders. Email reminders let you send out scheduled emails at any time of day or night.

🔹Feature: Templates / Library: In addition to composing and scheduling your own messages, you can choose from dozens of pre-designed templates. Or create your own with nothing more than your browser’s editor tool!

🔹Feature: Personalization: From names and salutations to sign-offs and thank you notes, having it all there when you need it keeps your reader focused on what matters.


For companies, plans are designed to be executed over a period of time and evolve along with your needs. For solopreneurs, they’re a way to organize tasks and goals into manageable chunks. But whether you have one plan or 200, it’s important to actually use them—because we all know that when it comes to execution, having a plan is a lot better than not having one.


Every email service provider requires a little bit of technical know-how to install, which is why it’s critical to make sure you get support from your chosen service.

There are a number of different things that can go wrong when setting up an email list—from spam filters refusing to cooperate, to incorrect information about server settings for your domains and more.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, customer support can be a lifesaver. Or at least part of your business!

AWeber Navigation Menu

The AWeber navigation menu, an in-depth exploration

When you’re just getting started with email marketing, the AWeber navigation menu can be intimidating. There are lots of options, and there’s no clear explanation of what each one does!

In this AWeber navigation menu tutorial, we’ll explore each section in detail so you know exactly how to navigate your way around the dashboard, find what you need, and take advantage of all the features and tools that come with your account.

How do you create a campaign?

Campaigns are a great way to manage your lists and send content to specific groups. When you log into your AWeber account you will be brought to a page showing you all of your lists (and if you have one list it would be named General). You will want to click on create a new campaign from here.

What else can I do with my email list?

An email list is a powerful thing. It’s one of your best ways to get repeat visitors and convert them into paying customers. One of our favorite features with AWeber is how easy it is to customize your message to each individual subscriber.

This means you can tailor information to their specific needs rather than blasting out general info that may or may not be applicable to every reader. There are many things you can do with your mailing list but we’re going to focus on four different categories: sending welcome messages, sending thank you messages after they purchase something from you, sending abandoned cart reminders, and sending automated emails when they aren’t engaged with your content (ie unsubscribes). Welcome messages – when people subscribe to receive email from you they need some direction!

Welcome messages are perfect for welcoming subscribers. The first goal should be getting people to read at least 1 paragraph of whatever content you sending.

Forget about social media.

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