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Watch what people around the world just like you are saying about the Four PercentšŸ˜€

Kasstran Sezgi

Susan Beesley

Pearl Miller

Natalie Wisdom

I am totally blown away with what I have learnt so far. Vick is an amazing and dedicated person who has a burning desire for everyone to win. Being in a community like this I a blessing and I am looking forward to an amazing future with four percent.

Harriet Haynes

Four Percent Member

I think four percent has something that no other group I have seen has and that is helping a person become a success from the inside out . I am so inspired with what I herd on the great secret that there is no doubt in my mind that I will not succeed. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom.

Raquel Durant

Four Percent Member

This a very nice program. By watching it more knowledge is gained to operate your own business. I like it.

Jean Joseph

Four Percent Member

I love content of where he going with these video's and even those that video was long like I was eager to stay wake up in watch it through to the end also I like that I get to do a 7 step freedom guide like it feel like I am doing a business plan.

Jakwone Demonbreun

Four Percent Member

I''ve had my hub idea a couple years now. I just need help constructing it. Ready set let's go.

Harriet Haynes

Four Percent Member

Check out what people like you are saying about the Four PercentšŸ˜


Starting to go through the 7 Steps To Freedom Training. I love the way Vick lays everything out a clear path. Thanks, Vick I'm just getting started and really excited about this training.

Lamar Schoell, Four Percent Member